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    Spequo is a creative studio focused on the expressive possibilities of mirrors. Our name is inspired in the Italian words for mirror and water: 


    Specchio + Aqua = SPEQUO.


    We are currently based in Madrid (Spain). Founded by Portuguese artist Paulo J. Futre.




    Our artworks are an hybrid between mirror and drawing that questions the blurring boundaries between art and design.


    At the same time, it reflects on the role of art throughout history with Humanity’s ancient desire to imitate and reproduce reality, creating an image that literally reflects like a mirror.


    Si una imagen vale más de mil palabras, ¿cuántas palabras valen verse reflejado en una imagen especial?




    We can transform your photos into an amazing personalized mirror: portrait, couple, kids, pets, selfie...Almost any image can look great using our reflecting art technique.  However if you have doubts about your pictures, please emails us first before ordering them. We usually ask 2-3 different pictures to compare and do the best artwork possible.


    Regarding copyright, Spequo is not responsible for the copyright of the images sent by the customers.




    Each artwork is absolutely original, personally designed by Spequo’s team. The designs are later transferred into an acrylic glass/wood canvas using a self-developed mixed media technique.




    A reasonable timing for receiving the personalized mirror should be 1-2 weeks. It may take longer at times of peak demand. If you need the artwork before due to any special date (birthday, anniversary, etc) please tell us to priorize your mirror.





    We follow the international size standards: A5 (14,8 × 21 cm), A4 (21 × 29,7 cm), A3 (29,7 × 42 cm) , A2 (42 × 59,4 cm), A1 (59,4 × 84,1 cm). We can do other mirror sizes on demand.




    No stock: each mirror is exclusively created on demand. The procedure usually takes 7-10 working days before shipping. It may take longer at times of peak demand.




    The smaller size mirrors (A5, A4, A3) are meant to be placed on shelves.

    The larger ones have a frame on it’s back, exactly the same used in common canvas. Therefore, the hanging system is the same of a common canvas.




    Simply use clean cold water, mild soap and a damp cloth to wipe the surface using light pressure.


    Avoid window cleaning sprays and any other chemicals. The use of any solvent or chemical is neither necessary nor recommended, and may cause irreversible surface damage.




    Our personalized mirrors are 17 times stronger than a common glass mirror.




    INDOOR use only. Spequo is not responsible for outdoor misuse.




    Wholesale is welcome!  E-mail us for more information.




    Estimated shipping costs:

    • Spain and Portugal: 3-10€
    • Rest of European Union: 5-20€
    • Rest of the world: 25-100€